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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boy, Casey Anthony has a lot on her mind

I've been reading through the recently released jailhouse letters written be accused child killer Casey Anthony, now my right eye seems to be twitching ever so slightly. I hope that's normal.
First of all, Casey has found Jesus, but still seems to have no clue as to how to reach "Zany" or"Zanny" or whoever the hell she isn't. She's now sure this imaginary friend didn't have anything to do with hurting Caylee. She does still wish the babysitter hadn't taken Caylee without telling her where they were, as this got in the way of Casey's plans to move away with Caylee. Wait a sec, I need a drink.

Okay, I'm back, but this one may make me throw up yet. Casey, it seems, likes humorous stories about how one should go about disposing of dead, decomposing monkeys.

Along with finding Jesus and hilarious internet stories about decaying corpses to send to her jail buddies, she has recovered memories of being molested as a child by both her brother and father.

She also shares a joke that must have killed at Bible Study:

That's not all that's weighing on Casey's mind, though. She's not sure which color to color her hair, she's making plans for an RV trip with a friend, deciding which movies to watch during her fantasy "Got Away with Murder" slumber party (her first choice is Dumb and Dumber, by the way, and that seems about right), and I've saved the holy bat shit, Batman! moment for almost last. She wants:
I haven't read all the letters yet. It's too much for one sitting, but I did find one bit of advice she gave to a friend that seems to some up her entire being...