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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Azriel Carver's body washes ashore :(

Very sad news in an extremely strange disappearance.

Child's Body Washes Ashore Not Far From Where Wash. Mom and Son Disappeared

Stop Burnett and Fogleman!

John Fogleman for Arkansas Supreme Court? NO!!! This cannot happen.

David Burnett for Arkansas State Senate? NO!!!

I have joined the Facebook page Stop Burnett and Fogleman!, I think you should,too!

I'm against the Death Penlty, but...

Paul Warner is scheduled to die in Virginia's electric chair tonight. If ever there was a poster child for the death penalty, this guy's it. I still don't believe in the death penalty, but don't think I'll be shedding any tears for this one.

Execution Scheduled For Thursday

Mom talks about coming execution of daughter's killer

Timothy Boland pleads guily to manslaughter

Timothy Boland pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter in the September 18, 2008 death of Natasha Waalen. His brother,Ryan, said that Tim Boland beat Waalen on the head with a baseball bat after the two argued about Timothy's role in her brother and father's arrests on drug charges.

Tim is scheduled to be sentenced on April 21st.

Body Found in Lake near Birmingham, Alabama golf course is Major Bashinsky

Body found in golf course pond is Birmingham tax attorney

Missing Mom and Son in Seattle

Kat Smiley and Azriel Carver are missing after their van was found along the Puget Sound shoreline. Items have been found washed up on the beach not far from the Van. An inhaler, and a corked wine bottle are among those items. Police are now trying to figure out if those items are linked to the missing mother and son. Smiley did buy a bottle of wine Saturday, and Carver did use an inhaler.

Her fiance says she is a recovering alcoholic and that she relapsed last week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recent interview with Lori Davis and Damien Echols

West Memphis 3: Wife Of Damien Echols Speaks Out In Rare Interview

The Strange case of Major Bashinsky

63 year old Major Bashinsky went missing Wednesday, March 3rd 2010. The next day letters arrived at his home and Golden Enterprises, the company his father founded, complaining of dividends the Bashinsky family receive from the company.

His daughter found his car Sunday, March 7 in South Birmingham. Police found a duplicate letter of the ones sent to his wife and other family members taped to the inside of the car along with a bag of Golden Flakes potato chips.

Now a body believed to be that of Bashinksy has been found in a lake near Highland Park Golf Course. Three golfers reported a floating bag to police. The bag held the remains of a man. Confirmation of the identity is expected at any time.
A: Area Car was found
B:Area where body was found

Mommy's Little Girl:Casey Anthony and Her Daughter Caylee's Tragic End Review

This book begins with George Anthony stopping by the post office on July 15, 2008 to pick up registered letter. That letter would be the beginning of a nightmare that continues to this day for the Anthony family, their friends, and, to a lesser extent, everyone who has come to know the story of little Caylee Marie Anthony.

The letter informed him that his car was at an impound lot in Orlando. When he went to pick up the car, it was permeated with the smell of death. No one can know what kind of psychological storm was set off in the minds George and his wife, Cindy,by that nauseous smell. They had not seen or even heard the voice of their two year old Granddaughter, Kaylee, in almost a month.

Casey Anthony had been telling her parents for weeks that the baby was with "Zanny the nanny," or she was sleeping when they called so they couldn't talk to her.

A panic stricken Cindy called 911 and reported the child, who had been gone for a month, missing.

The story continues with Casey's beyond bizarre behavior and stories. She told police she worked with Juliette Lewis at Universal. She and and Juliette were both event planners, and best friends, although Casey didn't have a number for her right off hand.

It's hard to imagine someone acting as bizarrely as she did when speaking with police. Almost everything she said was easily dis proven.

This book is a fascinating read for anyone intersted in the case. It ends a short time after the discovery of Caylee's body,and chronicles the strange family dynamic that evolves.

Mommy's Little Girl on Ebay