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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Unidentified Body of Hispanic Male Found in Yonkers Park

A man's body was found in a black canvas suitcase on wheels in Tibbets Brook Park. The man is described as Hispanic, and between 50 to 60 years of age, wearing gray pants and a striped short-sleeved pullover shirt with a white collar. 

Update 10-9-08
The autopsy has revealed about 50 packets of heroin were inside the mans body. Authorities theorize the man may have died when a couple of th packs burst open.

Lapel, Indiana Community Looking for Rapist

Early Wednesday Morning, a woman was raped in the Summer Lake community. Authorities are now on the lookout for the rapist.

A friend of the victim desribes the man as a "White male, about 6'1"-6'2", he's in his 20', very slim, 130-150 pounds, a cross-shaped tattoo on his left shoulder, unfinished tattoo on his leg. Plus, curly, dark chest hair, he wore a black mask."

Anyone with information should call the Madison County Sheriff at (765) 642-0221.

Wisconsin Student, Haroon Y. Khan, May Have Been Murdered

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student, Haroon Khan, was reported missing on October 1st. Police now believe that he has been the victim of murder. His car has been located in a mini storage unit, and authorities recovered a body from a shallow grave nearby. The body has yet to be identified

Two suspects are in custody, and a third has taken his own life.

Former South Dakota Prosecutor, Daniel Ray Gukeisen, arrested in stabbing death of University of Arizona student

Daniel Ray Gukeisen

Garrett Hohn, 22, an Arizona State University Student died after being stabbed during an altercation in the early morning hours of Friday,  September 26. 

Tempe Police have arrested Daniel Ray Gukeisen, a former prosecutor from South Dakota, on suspicion of 2nd degree murder.

Houston, Texas: Mark Andrew Boyd charged with Murder, Mutilation of Wilbur L. Ake

Mark Andrew Boyd mug shot

Wilber Ake was found murdered in his North Houston Apartment On September 23. He had been scalped, his nose had been cut off, and had multiple stab wounds to his neck and stomach. Graffiti written in blood was found scrawled on the inside of his front door, and his apartment had been ransacked.

Video surveillance has shown Mark Boyd using the dead man's ATM card to withdraw cash and purchasing items at a convenience store. Boyd is reported to have told a neighbor while wearing a bloody glove that he had just killed a man. He was arrested Friday and is charged with murder.

Lawyers for Bobby L. Cutts Seeking new trial

Attorneys for Bobby Cutts Jr. are asking for a new trial for the covicted killer of Jesse M. Davis. They cite contradictory verdicts, prosecutorial misconduct, and an unfair jury in their attempt to secure a new trial.
Jesse Davis went missing on June 15, 2007. Her two year old son, Blake, was found alone in her duplex when Jesse's mother went to check on her after she failed to answer telephone calls. A week later, Cutts lead authorities to Davis' reamains in a shallow grave.

Cutts was convicted in the murder of Davis on Feb. 15, 2008 who was nine months pregnant with a daughter at the time of her death.

Cutts sentencing starts Monday - February 24, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Memphis police officer Chancy K.Jones accused of murdering 31-year-old Phyllis Malone

Phyllis Malone was found dead in her car on Sept. 9 from multiple gunshot wounds. Jones who has been on the force since 2005 is free on 200,000 bond. He has waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

Toronto Police searching for, convicted sex offender, Guy Palinker

Guy Palinker has been convicted of the 2004 sexual assault on a 17 year old girl in Toronto. He did not show up for his sentencing hearing. Police are now in search of the 32 year old man.

Call (416) 808-1300 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS (8477) if you have any information. If you live in Canada, please send this post out to friends. This man is a danger and should be caught as soon as possible.

Jeffrey Keath of Utah pleads guilty to Stalking University Professor's Daughter

Keath pleaded guilty to charges stemming form the stalking of the Daughter of a Brigham Young Professor. He showed up at the woman's parents' home demanding to to be told where she lived. He later distributed fliers at the University accusing the biology professor of molesting his daughter.

Dale Adler, of Mundy Township Michigan, accused of rape of 94 year Old Woman

Adler was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct of an incapacitated victim and first degree abuse of a vulnerable adult after he brought the woman to the hospital Saturday and staff found that she had a head wound and had been sexually assaulted.

Mundy Township man, Dale Adler, an accused of raping 94 year old with dementia - 10/02/08

Wayne Tompkins set to die in Florida for 1983 Rape and Murder

Tompkins' execution is scheduled for Tuesday October 28, 2008 at 6 p.m. He was convicted of the 1983 rape and murder of his girlfriend's 15 year old daughter, Lisa Decarr.

Execution date set for Tampa teen murderer - October 2, 2008

GA pastor, Richard Scott Harper, says he killed deacon

Thad Reynolds was stabbed repeatedly outside A Frito-Lay distribution center in 2004. Harper has now pleaded guilty to charges and will testify against Reynold's wife whom he was involved in a relationship with at the time of the murder.

Harper was an assistant pastor at the church that the victim and his wife attended.

Pastor admits to love triangle killing of a deacon - October 1, 2008

Montgomery Garner given 87-month Federal sentence For Shooting Girlfriend in Rectum

Garner spent almost four years in jail awaiting trial for first degree attempted murder which was eventually dismissed due to an error by the prosecutor, has been sentenced to 87 months in Federal Prison for a related charge of possession of a firearm by a felon.

The victim survived, but many of her organs were damaged.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sabrina C. Hornaday, 25, of Anderson, Indiana arrested after leaving children alone

An Indiana Social Service Employee was walking while on a break on Tuesday when  a four year old girl asked to use the phone to call her mother to see when her mother would be coming back home. The worker followed the little girl back to a "trashed" apartment. The Mother later appeared. It was discovered that she had been at a plasma center for hours.

34-year-old Bronx resident, William Jenkins, found dead and handcuffed

Jenkins' body was found at 6:50 am this morning by a passing train. He had left a distraught text message at 3:25 Wednesday morning before being hit by a train. He was found with handcuffs on his wrist, and investigators are treating the site where he was found as a crime scene.

Darnell Hartsfield, 47, of Tyler, Texas found guilty in 1983 KFC Murders

Darnell Hatsfield Mug Shot

Five people were in the Kilgore, Texas KFC on the evening of September 23, 1983 when armed robbers entered the restaurant. Four employees; assistant manager, Mary Tyler, along with Joey Johnson, Opie Hughes, and David Maxwell, were closing the restaurant for the night. Monte Landers was a friend of Johnson and Maxwell was there visiting the two. All five were taken and forced into a van and driven to a oilfield road, made to lay face down, and fatally shot. 

Hartsfield has now been convicted on five counts of murder and sentenced to five consecutive life sentences. His cousin, Romeo Pinkerton, pleaded guilty of the five murders last year.

19-year-old Valentino Vasquez Miranda Charged in Jennifer Lee Hampton Murder

Valentino Vasquez Miranda

Miranda has been held on forgery charges since Saturday. He was formally charged with murder Wednesday morning.

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Danielle Marie Nuttall-Ravert 31, missing in Trenton, New Jersey

Nuttall-Ravert is desribed as white, 5'3", 180 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes. 
She has a tatoo on her right shoulder that reads "Danielle."

Lawrence Mass. Police Officer Kevin Sledge Accused of Rape

Kevin Sledge mug shot

Kevin Sledge has been arrested in Pelham N.H. on charges that he kidnapped and raped a woman
while on duty. He is accused of leaving his post early Friday and raping a woman in a parking lot,
then returned to work.

Sledge was found not guilty of raping a former girlfriend 9 years ago.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Suspect in Custody in Jennifer Hampton Murder

Police say they have a suspect in custody in the death of Jennifer Hampton in Knoxville.  Hampton's body was found in a river about six miles from the Days Inn she disappeared from
on September 19. The susept has been detained on unrealted charges since Saturday.

Police have suspect in custody - September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Texas Teens Charged With Stabbing Death of Mother

Jennifer Bailey mug shot

Jennifer Bailey, 17, and Paul Baily, 15, of Roanoke, Texas have been charged in the murder of their 43 year old mother, Sheila Bailey. Jennifer's boyfriend, Paul Allen Henson Jr., has also been charged with capital murder

Sheila Bailey was found dead in her home Sunday with multiple stab wounds to the neck. The discovery was made after her children and Henson were found in possession of her car in Yankton, South Dakota. The authorities in SD notified Roanoke police when they arrested the teens for curfew violations. Due to getting a concerned call from Sheila Bailey's mother days earlier-which they had checked out, but saw noting suspicious- the police went to her residence and entered the home.

Apex NC teen, Gavin John Clevesy, charged with kidanpping and rape

Clevesy, 17, is accused of forcing his way into a Cary home and attacking a man in his sixties and raping his wife. He was being held Sunday night in Wake County jail in lieu of $2.5 million bail.

Joshua Clapp, 26, of Russellville, Arkansas arrested for Stalking

Joshua Clapp, 26, of Russellville, Arkansas has been arrested in his  ex-wife's apartment complex for violating the order of protection she had against him. In his car they found a hatchet, a hunting knife electrical cord, rubber gloves, duct tape, binoculars, zip ties, a rubber mask of President Jimmy Carter, and maps to relatives of the ex-wife.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jacob Wetterling Foundation changing it's name to the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

Jacon Wetterling was abducted nearly 19 years ago. He has never been found. The foundation that was created in his honor is now changing it's name and launching a new website to better reflect it's mission. The center is about education and prevention of child abductions.

Jennifer Lee Hampton's Body Found in Tennessee

Jennifer Lee Hampton, 21, was last seen at the Days Inn in Knoxville. Tennessee on Friday, September 19, 2008.  The Florence, Alabama resident was in Knoxville with coworkers to help open a new restaurant. Saturday morning when the others gathered to begin their day, Jennifer was not among them. When checked, her room appeared to have been slept in, and it is reported that police found the scene suspicious. Her phone, money, and keys were left in the room.

A massive search was launched and the resteraunt she works at has offered a $5,000 reward.

Jennifer's body has been found in the Clinch river. Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

Body is that of missing woman - Sptember 30, 2008