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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poor Charles Ng is in need of penpals

Charles Ng, the infamous sidekick of Leonard Lake, it seems is lonely. He is advertizing for a pen pal. His ad reads like millions of others on various dating sites. He describes his physical traits, his upbringing, and is following all the dating advice ever given out to put your best foot forward. He even shows his sensitive side in the following passage...

I always feel a special kinship in my struggle for survival as those faced by the endangered animals I depict in my artwork. To me, art is a universal emotional expression of all cultures, and wildlife art a spiritual reference for all things wild and free; and a way for me to immortalize my love and intimacy to
those who are dear and special to me.

Read his entire appeal here

While I understand that many people fudge a bit about themselves in these types of situations, Charles Ng has left out some pretty pertinent information. Like that he and his buddy kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered women. That there are videotapes featuring him engaging in these acts. That there are many men, women, and even babies who will never have the chance to seek out pen pals because he had a part in ending their lives. He evidently didn't feel any kinship in their struggle to survive.

I am not a proponent of the death penalty. It's applied arbitrarily, innocent people get caught up, and have most likely been executed,and endless appeals cost millions of dollars. I understand and share the feelings of those who fight for the end of the death penalty, but to give a forum to psychopaths for the purpose of them making "friends" disturbs me. Particularly in his case where there can be no doubt as to his guilt.

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