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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Supporting The West Memphis Three

This is a critical time in case of The West Memphis Three. New DNA evidence, at the very least, raises disturbing questions. This new evidence is, of course, being dismissed by Judge Burnett. I wish someone would offer him a lucrative retirement package. New eyes are needed to look at all of the evidence. Two of the parents of the victims are in support of a new trial. There are several ways to help. 

Raise awareness. Go to and read about the case. They have T-shirts, bracelets, dog tags, and bumper stickers for sale that help fund the defense fund. They also announce various benefit events happening around the country. They also have a paypal account where you can simply donate to the defense.

You can discuss the case with other supporters and some non-supporters at the West Memphis Three Discussion Board

Several Music Artists have contributed to Compilations to benefit Damien, Jesse, and Jason. The Metallica track does not benefit the defense, but Damien Mentions it in Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills and I think of him every time I hear it.


justiceforjuveniles said...

lucrative retirement package? How bout some No-Doze so he can get through the procedings.

Nobody you would know said...

I am in no way suggesting that he deserves a good exit from his profession, just that whatever it would take to get him to ride off into the sunset would be fine by me.