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Monday, September 29, 2008

Texas Teens Charged With Stabbing Death of Mother

Jennifer Bailey mug shot

Jennifer Bailey, 17, and Paul Baily, 15, of Roanoke, Texas have been charged in the murder of their 43 year old mother, Sheila Bailey. Jennifer's boyfriend, Paul Allen Henson Jr., has also been charged with capital murder

Sheila Bailey was found dead in her home Sunday with multiple stab wounds to the neck. The discovery was made after her children and Henson were found in possession of her car in Yankton, South Dakota. The authorities in SD notified Roanoke police when they arrested the teens for curfew violations. Due to getting a concerned call from Sheila Bailey's mother days earlier-which they had checked out, but saw noting suspicious- the police went to her residence and entered the home.

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ldrinkard said...

The mom's name was Susan.