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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deon Ross charged in murder of Alheli Alcantara

Deon Ross mug shot

Alheli Alcantara's body was found outside the Quality Inn on East Poyntz Ave. in Manhattan, Kansas Sunday. Her co-worker at Burger King, Deon Ross, has been charged in her kidnapping, rape, and murder. He will have a preliminary hearing on October 24th.

The Alheli Alcantara Memorial Fund has been set up at Commerce Bank. People wishing to make a contribution may contact Christina McCarty or Jill Hagadorn at 785-776-1234.

Murder Victim Memorialized - October 18, 2008


cherry_b said...

I went to school with Deon.... I personally feel that he did not kidnap or rape the victim. However I do feel that he murdered her. I think the sex was consential. Something had to happen afterwards for him to just snap and kill her. I feel that he should be charged with murder.... But not rape or kidnap.

Anonymous said...

im sorry but just because you went to school with him, doesn't mean he cant do something like this. He did rape and kidnap her and murdered her, stop kidding yourself and stop sticking up for a low life loser, Alheli Alcantara's will always be remember and hopefully this scum bag gets murdered in jail for what he did cause life in prison isnt enough