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Friday, November 14, 2008

Jonathan Lytle, 30 convicted of homicide by abuse of Summer Phelps

Summer Phelps

Summer Phelps' bruised and limp body was brought into a Washington hospital by her "father", Jonathan Lytle, on March 10, 2007.  He said she was found unresponsive in the family bathtub. Medical personell tried to revive the four year old, but were unsuccessful.

Detectives viewed Summer after death while she still lay on a gurney. The following is an excerpt of an affidavit by a detective:

Jonathan Lytle has been convicted of Homicide by Abuse after a trial that chronicled the hell this child went through. A DNA expert testified that red hairs found in the home and a dumpster still had tissue attached were those of Summer and they had been torn out of her head. She was bruised from head to toe. She had burns on her kneck from a dog bark collar she had been forced to wear to stifle her screaming. Bite marks and burns were found on her body. The day of her death, she had been made to wash urine stained clothes by hand in the bathtub from 12:30 in the afternoon till about 10:00 at night without eating.

Adrianna Lytle, Jonathan Lytle's wife, plead guilty to Homicide by Abuse and both are now facing life in prison.

Both sides rest in Lytle case - November 13, 2008

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